By us … For Us …

Welcome to Fire Daily. 

It’s a place to share in all that embodies who we are- firefighters.  Share in the senses:

It has the sounds of a wailing Q or the beckoning crackle unseen through the smoky hallway ahead. 

It showcases the sights of low-rolling angry smoke and sooty faces grinning from ear to ear.

That “combo smell” of wet and burnt inside the structure soon after our victories- eerily similar to the odor inside the firehouse after all is cleaned and readied for the next battle. Barrington Lieutenant helmet

The numbing tingle inside the frozen fingertips of our iced gloves while rolling supply line in the dead of winter, and the sweet taste of Scotty’s “Garlic Stoup” simmering in the stock pot in the firehouse kitchen.

But let’s not forget the sixth sense of firefighting- common sense.  It’s arguably the most overlooked sense we have, and the one that will most surely get us all home at the end of the day.

So, do you have something to offer? Jump right in, we’re ready for you!  By us … For us …


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John Mitchell

Firefighter/Paramedic and a Lieutenant in suburban Chicago

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