Bye, Glenn.

Strebel Glenn left us yesterday. 

Itís a tough thing when a brother passes.  Itís even worse when it happens way too soon. 

Those of us who know Lt. Glenn Strebel of the Barrington Fire Department see him as a rock.  Itís hard to think that a guy so strong both physically and mentally could be brought down so early by a rare and sinister cancer.  In the prime of our careers it can be hard to face the fact that we are, in fact, mortal.  Our time on Earth is truly limited, and we need to abide by the clichť ďLive every day like itís your last.Ē

I remember Glenn as highly-motivated,  extremely dedicated, and completely committed to his community and his peers.  Much more a leader than a follower, Glenn leaves us a legacy filled with intensity and pride.

And mischief.  One of the first (of many) practical jokes played on me as a rookie unfolded in the bunkroom.  Glenn had replaced the main structural components of my bed with empty pop cans.  When I plopped into bed, the whole thing collapsed.  Welcome to the family.

Fire Lieutenant, Shift Commander, Rescue Diver, Fire Investigator, Fire Prevention Bureau, Haz Mat Tech- and so much more.  Glenn managed to accomplish so much in his relatively short time here with us- and thatís something of which we might all take note.

Our deepest sympathy and thoughts and prayers rain out over his family and friends, and to his brothers and sisters in the fire service.  As a family, we are never, ever alone- a realization that brings comfort in these times of hurt and pain and tears.

Bye, Glenn..   See you soon, my brotherÖ

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  • Einajlschroeder says:

    Tomorrow will mark 3 years … I haven’t gotten through it, but I’m getting around it, it isn’t better, but it’s always changing … your memory will always live on with love Glenn 09.09.09 9:09PM

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