THE PLACE TO BE- Friday night at FDIC.

Going to FDIC at Indy?  Excellent!

Like beer?  Wine?  Soda (south) Pop (north)? Appetizers?

I Thought so.

So where’s THE place to be when you’re at Indy on Friday night, April 23rd?

Join with hundreds of thousands (or so) of your brothers and sisters at the famous Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery just blocks away from the Convention Center at 10 West Washington.

This party promises to be one of the largest “Meet-Up’s” to date.  It offers tremendous opportunities to network with your favorite Fire & EMS bloggers from the community like Statter and Tiger, Chief Reason, oh my!

Also indulging right next to you will be contributors to FireRescue Magazine. Members of our family and many of our Facebook fans will be bumping our elbows, so don’t spill your drinks while laughing at their hilarious stories.  Get all the event details here.

Become my Facebook Friend here, become my FirefighterNation friend here.

What?  You want to buy me a drink, too?  Sure!

I’ll do you one better and give YOU a free drink ticket.  After all, I don’t want you to shake my hand unless your holding a beverage in the other!  After you listen to me long enough, you’ll need a another drink…

So, stop by any of the booths listed below to latch onto one of a limited number of free drink tickets to get you started! The Meet-up is sponsored by our friends at:

  • FireRescue Magazine, and Booth #3755
  • Black Diamond: Booth # 410
  • Black Helmet Apparel: Booth # 138

By the way, those two trailblazers over at Firefighter Netcast will be podcasting live from booth 3755 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, thanks to the generosity of the folks over at FireRescue Magazine,, and

Stop over and say hi and pick up a drink ticket from them.  You might even get them to sign their brand new mug for you (ala FireGeezer muggage)

After the great experience in Baltimore last month, I am really exited about this bigger and better upcoming meet-up and looking forward to pressing the flesh with as many of you as possible.

I hope you can make it!

Buy me a drink.  You’ll need it.


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