Medic 999: Let That Be a Lesson To Us

Medic 999’s most recent post tells us he is hanging up his blogging endeavors due to some shenanigans flung at him by some uninformed and misguided chuckleheads (my words, not his).

I don’t know the details of everything Mark had to take into consideration, but I fully support his decision knowing only he has the full story (all the chapters). Having met the man a few times, I have no doubt he made the correct, albeit a tough decision.

But the lesson we can learn goes beyond how 999Medic was targeted and throttled. Mark Glencourse is a paramedic who saw a need, found a path, and walked the walk. We may not yet fully realize the incredible benefits gained by his actions.

The story has been told many times. Briefly, Mark recognized the differences in the delivery of prehospital care between his service in the UK and others around the world. He became acquained with The Happy Medic, then an anonymous blogger from somewhere on the west coast who shared similar concerns. Looking outside the box, they found that common sense could be used to tackle the issues and decided to put their money where there typing fingers were.

As we all watched in the blogosphere, Mark and Happy traded visits on each others turf, witnessing first-hand how things were done in the street. Each rode with each other on calls, enabling them to identify areas where improvements (both immediate and long-term) could be made.

They met with each others movers and shakers and tangible changes were either immediately addressed or put on the fast track toward implementation. It’s fair to say that the lives of individual patients were impacted by the shared knowledge gained by their visit.

Along came Ted Setla, and the professionalism and enthusiasm lit the fuse for the birth of Chronicles of EMS, a video production of the journey of Mark and Justin (The Happy Medic from San Francisco was forced to “come out of the closet” when Mark crossed the pond the first time). Chronicles is about to explode into a reality TV series showing how EMS can be improved all across the planet.

Let me repeat that: Showing how EMS can be improved all across the planet.

All because two bloggers sent each other a message.

That’s the lesson, my friends. It doesn’t take millions of people or millions of dollars to make significant changes in the lives of our fellow human beings.

It just takes heart and resolve.

We salute you Mark for showing us both, my friend.


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