Firefighter Storytellers Wednesday Night: “My dad was a Chief at the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire.”

Like many other firefighters, Tim Sendelbach’s roots in the fire service started with his dad.

A fire chief in his hometown of Wilder, Kentucky, Tim’s dad was one of the many firefighters who responded to the horrific Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire on Memorial Day weekend in 1977.

You may recall it is the third deadliest night club fire in U.S. history, claiming 165 lives and injuring 200 more.

Now the editor-in-chief at FireRescue Magazine, Tim will share his unique perspective on this historic fire live this Wednesday night at 9pm ET on “Firefighter Storytellers”

Don’t miss this great opportunity to call in to talk with Tiger and Tim, hang out in the chat room, or just listen in live Wednesday night at 9pm ET as Firefighter NetCast brings you another engrossing edition of “Firefighter Storytellers” hosted by Tiger Schmittendorf.

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  • There is scheduled to be a 35 Anniversary Memorial Service for the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire this Saturday, May 26th, estimated time 11 am – 1 pm (although time has not yet been officially confirmed).  Location: base of the driveway of the former club, now a doctor’s office parking lot.  Please watch or contact the news media stations for updates,  or call Dave Brock at 859-609-7111 or Wayne Dammert at 859-635-2274 for further details.  This message will be updated before the event this weekend.  All are invited, please share the word.  Temperatures will be in the mid-90’s fahr, so please dress appropriately.  Hope to see everyone there!

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