Firehouse Expo in Balty!

Hey all-

Leaving this AM for Firehouse Expo in Baltimore.† If you’re in the neighborhood, look us up, we’ll be netcasting from the booth of Firegeezer and Dave Statter.† It’s the perfect opportunity to latch onto the highly collectible Firegeezer mugs with the added bonus of Bill’s signature to make the mug a prized possession in your day room or anywhere else the mug may travel.

I also wanted to help spread the word about this fire service guru who is the next one taking his wildly appealing written stuff to the next level- a live podcast in which you can participate.

It all happens live Wednesday night- or download it after the fact at iTunes.† You can get all the links and details on his announcement here.

He is Christopher Naum, the newest member of our family.† He joins Art Goodrich, Tiger Schmittendorf, Rhett Fleitz and yours truly as the Firefighter NetCast team.

Stay stoked out there, and hit me up for a beverage in Balty!

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