Jets get their asses handed to them

Want to know what might be talked about in firehouse recliners this weekend?

She’s Inez Sainz, (pronounced OMG) former model and current sports reporter from Mexico’s TV Azteca .  Reports surfaced earlier this week in which players New York Jets players acted with “unprofessional conduct” when Inez made her way into their locker room for an interview with quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Here’s a picture of Inez waiting for something.

demonstration of good posture

Where was I?

Oh yes.  The NFL has apparently opened up an investigation into the conduct of the players in the locker room (calling out to her) ass well ass an incident during practice, in which defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman began throwing footballs in her direction so players could end up closer to her.

Jets coach Rex Ryan eventually joined in, ass did veteran defensive lineman Jason Taylor, who asked (and I’m paraphrasing) “May I participate in this drill?”.

BTW, here’s another picture of her.

Who's the guy who clips on the wireless microphone transmitter?

She’s a sports reporter.  Yes.

Where was I?

Right.  Anyway, the NFL announced Friday that it would also roll out media training to all 32 teams on proper behavior in the workpla…

Wait, here she is again.

A rare shot from the front.

It’s a more rare shot.  From the front.  Take a good look.

My guess is this story will be brought up in firehouse recliners over football all weekend.

Stay stoked!



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