Love vs. Hate: Another firefighter steps up for compassion

Have you noticed how acceptable it has become to be hateful?

In a day and age which screams out for sanity, we hear more and more from the loud, the angry, and the hateful.

It is so easy to hate.  Each week, each hour, each day as the rhetoric and the vitriol continues to escalate it seems to become ever more acceptable to volley the words of hatred- to the point where what used to be “ex-treme” is becoming “main-stream.”

In response to acidic verbiage I was reading, hearing, and witnessing on September 11, I shared a personal story about the opposite perspective of my thoughts on that day- love.  I received a lot of feedback from that story, most all of them positive.

Now comes along another firefighter who dares take what might be considered an “unpopular opinion.”  I want to turn you on to an article entitled “Homeless” by Brian from the fire blog “Switch 2 Plan B: the misadventures of a firefighter.”

In his short article, he dares to sidestep the tired opinion of ‘homeless equals laziness.’  Beyond that, he reminds us of our unique ability as humans to show compassion for those of us less blessed with the fortunes of money, the love of a family, the health of the body and brain, or a place to call home.

Further, it should come as no surprise that a fireman dares to speak out against lead the charge of compassion. Way to go, brother.

His article led me to read more of the stuff on the site.  After a bit of browsing, I knew this firefighter had a unique style of writing so I subscribed to his RSS feed.

I urge you to take a peek as well.

I hope we’ll be seeing more of this type of writing from others as time goes on.  Maybe so much has gotten so bad that the pendulum is beginning to arc back towards sanity.

What an idealistic breath of fresh air!

Stay stoked!



  • Truck6alpha says:

    Heading over to that site shortly.

    By the way, since I screwed up everything at the end of the season and had so much come up, I’m shooting for a beginning of season reminder of your esteemed championship and will be recording the video here shortly, especially since my youngest now has her share of Hawks bling. I also am going to double the amount to your charity, partially because I feel so terrible of my poor compliance in getting things taken care of, and partially because you inspired me to.

  • You’re right, John. Rather than blame radical Islam for 9/11 I’m going to head over to Pakistan and apologize to Al-Qaeda. It’s not just politically incorrect to identify the people responsible. It’s downright hateful. Thanks for clarifying.

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