Whoa! What Did THESE Council Members Say?

Minds are like parachutes. Just because you've lost yours doesn't mean you can borrow mine.

As we trudge through the muck of crap weíve been hearing from Oakbrook, Illinois, Xenia, Ohio, and Obion County in Tennessee, I have become weary, incredulous, and frankly- pissed off.

Youíll understand then, how ecstatic I was when this video was forward me.

Itís from a Village Board meeting in a neighboring town of mine- Palatine, Illinois. Firefighters stepped up and shared with those who hold the purse strings the reality of operating as a firefighter and paramedic in their local community. As these council members fervently extol, their eyes were opened.

Palatine Council Meeting Clip 10-4-10 from AFFIVideo on Vimeo.

Itís a welcome breath of fresh air when I needed one most. The video gives us hope that sanity still exists despite the slop weíve been enduring.

It worked in Palatine. I wonder if we can make this work elsewhere?


Stay stoked!

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