We knew he was suffering, but we didn’t step up to help. Now he’s gone…

“It’s good to be strong and it’s good to be courageous. But it’s also good to ask for help. “If I had a good friend who said, ‘you need to get some help,’ I would listen. I would hope somebody would do that.” Fire Chief Bob Khan, Phoenix Fire Department, which lost four firefighters in seven months to suicide.

Whether we admit it or not, we are not immune to the effects of the unique stress we cope with each day as firefighters.

Many times, we keep these stressors bottled up inside us without seeking help.  Other times, when we do seek help, we have a difficult time trying to relate to counselors who have zero experience as a firefighter, and become frustrated, eventually abandoning outside help often critical to our well-being.

Tonight, Firefighter Netcast introduces Jeff Dill, a Battalion Chief from suburban Chicago, who holds a Masters Degree in Counseling.  Chief Dill has established CSSF, Counseling Services for Firefighters, which offers behavioral health support to firefighters; trains senior fire officers, and educates clinicians on the benefits of understanding the life and emotions- of firefighters.

The numbers of firefighter suicides are jaw-dropping. As often as a few times a week, Jeff finds himself answering calls for help from fire chiefs around the country.

Join the Firefighter Netcast Show tonight at 9pm ET for a live interview with Chief Dill, and learn how to recognize emotional distress in your partner or your loved one, and the steps you can take to help- before it’s too late.  Participate in call-ins and chat room discussions.

This ain’t your daddy’s fire service radio podcast!

Jeff holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling. He is currently a Battalion Chief at Palatine Rural Fire Protection District in Inverness, Illinois. He is a member of the American Counseling Association, Illinois Counseling Association, Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association, Illinois Fire Chiefs Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs and Illinois Professional Firefighter’s Association. Jeff is also an alumni member of International Association of Fire Fighters.  He is dedicated to educating firefighters and emergency personnel on the importance of behavioral health and suicide awareness.

CSFF Web Page


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  • Jwlawson says:

    hey yall i,m a founder here in sydney australia i have a mens support group that deal with this issue my group is called m.u.g.gs (MEN UNDER GODS GRACES) we talk to men who are having issues withy depression,stress, anxiety,relationship strains,financial hardships and other issues including on the job issues.
    i,m a former volunteer fire fighter here in sydney and i like to say that i,m here for anyone who is having trouble dealing with any issues

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