“Just See Video”- Chicago FD- Change is in the air

To have a wife turn to you and look at you and say, “What the hell happened here?  Where the hell was his hood?  Who was in charge?  How would you guys let this happen to him?  Why him? What do I say to them?”


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  • ukfbbuff says:

    My 2 cents from California.

       Good Video.

     Does this mean the:

      “Chicago Fire Department 150 Years of Tradition, Unimpeded by Progress”  sign, made
     ”Famous ” in the Movie;

    will  be consigned  to the CFD Fire Museum?

     Self Examination (whether in; Los Angeles, San Francisco, FDNY or London, UK) is a “Painful Process”. To admit WE Made a Mistake and Want to Implement Changes isn’t an admission of “Fault”, its Means WE can and should be doing our Job Better.

     On another “Thread”,  mentioned that regarding the LODD of FF/PM Christopher Wheatley;

     ”Fast Roping”the Extinguisher, to the  fire floor or roof would have been a  Better Choice.

      If one mentions that LA City FD, firefighters carry “Drop Bags”  (my FD adopted them, 60 feet of 8 mm. Prussick Cord/Rope)on the SCBA Harnesses’  for:

    Search, Hoisting, Self Rescue, are they met with the “old”:

    “This the Chicago FD, we don’t do that here” and if you want to use a Drop Bag, go to work in “LA'”?

     Fire service Culture Change is difficult (as in the Charleston, S.C. FD and Detroit FD) but it can be done. It depends upon How fast the changes Need to be Made and How Well the Firefighters
    will accept and implement these changes.

     Other wise, you’re just playing “Lip Service” to the “Choir”.

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