343. Never Forget? We Already Did.


We have this number stuck in our heads.  Obviously, it represents the number of firefighters lost at the World Trade Center on 9/11 when our country- indeed, our Brothers- were attacked by terrorists from the Middle East.

We read 343 names. 

We ring a bell 343 times. 

We get a 343 sticker for our helmet or a bumper sticker or window decal that simply says 343. 

T-shirts, tattoos, you name it- we solemnly pay tribute to the 343.

We’re Brothers.  That’s what we do.


This week, I heard alot of "343", and "Never Forget."  Yet, not once on this, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, did I hear a “Brother” give any attention to the number of FDNY Brothers and Sisters who have continued to die from the 9/11 attack. 

What?  There were more?

You know, the Brothers and Sisters who worked up to 16-hour shifts for weeks on “The Pile” breathing in a toxic cloud of plastic, jet fuel, and human body parts.

Any guesses at that number?  My bet is that you have no clue.

Nope, it’s not 343. 

Actually, it just eclipsed 343.  That’s right- we’ve lost another 343+.  And my bet is we’ll be losing another 343 soon as well.

We won’t be seeing their names carved on a granite wall, will we?

343.  It’s a snapshot in time, but far from the reality of the number of firefighters lost from the attack at the WTC on 9/11.

Stay tuned, and I’ll continue this story and help you “Brothers” to understand why we should remember that 343 is just a number.  And I'll tell you how to be a true Brother beyond just latching onto the hype of the number 343.

Stay stoked.


  • Dave LeBlanc says:

    As of right now, you can add another 55 names to an already too long list.† Their names have been added to a wall at headquarters, and they are just as much victims as those that were killed 10 years ago.

  • Jim says:

    Actually “Brother” there have bee 57 additional FDNY members lost to their time at the Trade Center! If you want to include all First Responders and Volunteers the number is well over a thousand now. Just saying!

    • Dave LeBlanc says:

      Not sure if the ” ” was meant to be a shot, but I was refering to the 55 names that the FDNY added to the wall at headquarters.† Just as Fire Daily was refering to the 343 FDNY lost that day.

      If you want to tinclude the volunteers, iron workers, and Police I am well aware the number is much higher.† Most being ignored by the Feds, and forgotten by the Country.

    • John Mitchell says:

      What’s with the quotes around Brother? Are you questioning my brotherhood? Also, check your numbers. There have been 345 of my FDNY Brothers lost to cancer from 9/11/01 to 9/6/11, anf more than 250 have been linked to their heroic work at The Pile.

      Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

  • Jim says:

    So after multiple email attacks and nothing posted here as far as responses or responses from others against me as I was told. I want to say that the ” ” meant nothing but emphasizing the word. “BROTHERHOOD” I was not angry, nasty or anything I only stated what “I” know. If that’s incorrect all I ask is where the numbers in from the article come from. Of all the members I know and speak with often no where has anyone ever said anything like this! So, instead of attacking why not explain your numbers? If what you say is true, you need to get people to help not alienate them.

    • Dave LeBlanc says:

      I answered you below you last comment, and make no mistake, there was no attack.† There was an honest question about what you meant and an explanation about what I meant.

    • John Mitchell says:

      What Jim fails to mention is that when I asked him why the quotes, he declined to answer.

      Rather he wanted to know where I was and what I was doing these past few days. He began to play the “I’m a better brother than you are” game.

      Only after I told him I wasn’t going to ask a fourth time did he decide to pop back in on my site to deny he meant it.

      Truth is, he got called on his action and it took a bunch of emails for him to own up to it.

      Anyway, my information was submitted me by the FealGood Foundation, a non-profit organization, whose primary mission is: to spread awareness and educate the public about the catastrophic health effects on 9/11 first responders, as well as to provide assistance to relieve these great heroes of the financial burdens placed on them over the last eight years.

      I’m surprised yo haven’t read their information in your role as Northeast Regional Coordinator of the Firefighter Cancer Foundation.

      Here are the links to the numbers Jim requested:


      Now, in the words of my good friend Alan Brunacini, “be nice,”

  • Navy Vet, Volunteer F/F says:

    If you are talking about the 911 direct and secondary losses, including those lives hanging in the balance. Look to you government, look toward the republican party of today… trying make it impossible for those stricken with horrible, unknown and unexpalinable cancers. 1st responders not being taken care of by the government, and communities (well communities ma not be fair as many fund raisers, and many political advocates, have brought attention to these survivors and thos who have falllen due to smoldering, toxins as they try to save lives, or at least give respect in bring our brothers home….some where affected and some not.WE ALL NEED TO CALL OUR POLITICIANS, AND SAY….EVEN IF ONE OR TEN OR HUNDRED 1ST RESPONDERS OUT OF HUNDREDS/ THOUSANDS WHO ARE SUFFERING…BECAUSE OF THE BURNING SH!T THEY ALL BREATHED IN….well then feel blessed to have so many responders doing what was neccesary and we all need to pay the price as citizens and tax payers…. to tell our Paid POLITICIANs who say they know 911, they know how to defend our country… we need to tell them they are full of shit and they are going to be fired, for outlandish chest pumping and fist pumping out in the political cameras , whe they are on…and then have the ARROGANCE of stating they want to have another week between holidays, not the actual holiday, but the week in-between…..when none of us fire fighters ever have a day off really. …And they would postpone the vote for the doroka bill…. and say they deserve a week off for holidays….they are over paid, and over spoken….but never step up to the plate to do the right thing…including adding† cnacers must be proven as a job related illness…. you and i both know that is bullsh!t.. we need to take care of thos who take care of us. Anyway their are plenty fo people paying attention, like channel 11 news caster, and JOhn Steward of the Daily show and having a panel of first repsonders spell out the obserities from some republicans… these guys are not my republicans….I am a conservative and I can assert they are not interested in doing anything good for America, or all of aMRICANS, ECEPT A FEW filthy rich pricks in the medical insurance industry, who want to not pay out anything, and keep everything for themselves…..PLEASE EVERYONE CALL YOU POLITICAN, TELL EM TO TAKE CARE OF OUR 1ST RESPONDERS OR …YOU FIRED! To keep jobS IN America…Please alway buy locally, buy American, and buy Union whenever possible, the job you may be saving is your own.

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