“Warning: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.”

“Warning: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.”

That’s the disclaimer shown at the beginning of this video just posted in YouTube by NewsWorking out of Pennsylvania.

On NewsWorking’s website, an accompanying article tells of firefighters arriving to a woman telling them her husband went back into their burning home to rescue their dog.

The video shows various emergency responders in action including police officers and Whitehall’s firefighters removing the victim from the front door and the eventual arrival of EMS.


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  • Harvey West III says:

    The man appeared to be unconscious and no fire fighter witnessed his fall. The emergency move should have been better thought out in the sense of C-spine precautions and a body board would have helped emergency responders get a hold of the load. The ambulance seemed to have a delayed response and what was the police officer using to cut his shirt off? A pocket knife that he was wailing around? Otherwise looked like a god response from the FD.

    • Roger says:

      Look at you with your shinny new EMT license.

    • Not Scared... says:

      Mr. West, I’m not sure of your length of service, but the phrase “Life before Limb” comes to mind. Maybe you didn’t notice this during your viewing of this video, but the building he was removed from was on FIRE (Hence the smoke issuing from every open orfice of the structure). To hell with C-spine and witnessing his fall he obviously has much larger issue’s than injuries he sustained from falling… I truly hope that when you respond to your first Fire that has active rescue’s being performed you stay far away until the Firemen call you over!!! Your concern about this man’s C-spine is cute, but won’t save his life considering the possible injuries he sustained due to being in a “Hot Zone” with an unprotected airway. In regards to the Cop on the scene I think a better question would be, Why is a Cop standing at the front door of a House Fire when he should be doing Crowd Control, or Traffic Control? He really has no business standing any where close to that house. His actions and positioning place him in just the right position to become the next victim especially with all that polyester he’s wearing not to mention the more obvious concerns regarding extreme heat and ammo. If that place had flashed or vented from the door or windows he was standing next to no one would have to worry about him using a pocket knife to remove the home owners clothing because someone would have been scraping his poly uniform shirt and jacket from his freshly burnt body. As far as the response from the FD on this call, I honestly can’t say one way or the other about this. There just isn’t enough video of the call to say one way or the other. One thing that kinda worries me though is the lack of Firemen in the video with BA on. But one things for sure the “Firemen” standing on the front porch holding the door open?!?!?!?!?!?!, Didn’t forget to put on his shinny reflective vest!!!! Maybe he and the cop just got done directing traffic and were cold so they decided to warm up next to the fire!!! One thing I do kinda agree with you on is the fact that it seemed EMS took a little while to make their way to the scene after the rescue had been effected. One reason maybe because 9 times outta 10  the ambulance is blocked out by the responding Fire equipment. But short of an extended response time (meaning response to the scene, not the patient) there is really no reason EMS shouldn’t have been posted up with their cot and equipment in the drive way, especially when it appears it was known by the first arriving units that the home owner had re-entered the structure in an attempt to rescue the dog (as was indicated in the article when it stated that the wife of the patient told units on the scene her husband had gone into the home), which should have indicated to them that they were going to have to effect a rescue on a civilian whom most likely was going to need medical attention. The bottom line is this, while the video gives some insight as to a very small part of what I assume to be a much larger operation, it’s extremely difficult to judge the overall success or lack there of, of the overall FD operations on this call. At best this video shows some area’s of concern that this Department should address to prevent injuries to first responders who aren’t playing an active role in the suppression effort be it Cops, Reflective Vest Firemen, or EMS personel.  

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WARNING: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.
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