Does the 5-second rule apply to a transplant heart? Check out this video…

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It’s the 5-second rule practiced in fire stations all over the United States and, indeed, all over the world. 

You drop something on the floor and scoop it up.  Firefighters and paramedics do it everyday, although many won’t admit it.  Unless they can’t deny it, as was the case in Mexico City last week.

Exiting a helicopter in what was called “a rapid precision maneuver”, a couple of paramedics “dropped the ball”, or to be more precise, “almost broke a heart” on camera as the precious cargo rolled out of it’s cocoon cooler and tumbled onto the street.



As you can see, the paramedics immediately employed the “rapid scoop” maneuver well within the five seconds allowed, and continued their race to the hospital where the package was dusted off and successfully implanted into its anxious recipient. 

I began to wonder what the paramedics first said to each other once safely out of the camera’s eye in the back of the ambulance?

Doctors are cautiously optimistic on the outcome saying the heart is doing fine. 

The paramedics? 

Well, they'll endure the wrath of their peers for years to come, constantly being reminded that "their heart was in the wrong place."


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