This firefighter/paramedic’s heroes

Throughout this guy's 30-plus years as a firefighter and paramedic, I’ve witnessed the care and compassion of ER nurses thousands upon thousands of times.

But I can also attest to the miraculous work of nurses all across the spectrum- from the neonatal nurses who cared for Lexi for the first 61 days of her precious life to the hospice nurses who helped my mother on the journey through her final days.

All sorts of caring, loving nurses along the way- many of whom I am honored to call among my best friends to this day.

Throughout all of their examples of devotion and compassion, they demonstrate how they are truly our everyday heroes, every bit as much as any firefighter or paramedic.

Thank you- enjoy your special week, and know we will continue to honor you all year long! You are our heroes.

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  • Abbye says:

    John- First off, thanks for all the great reading. I’ve been following the blog for about a month now looking for the best Fire & EMT Blogs out there and have really enjoyed your stuff– especially all the pics and videos. I work closesly with nurses as well, and was sure to pass on this pic. I sent you an email last week about profiling Fire Daily as a Top 10 Fire & EMT Blog. Would love to discuss with you further. Again, thanks for all the great reading! Looking forward to chattin with you. Best- Abbye Klamann (†

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