Illinois firefighters stand idle while man drowns (Video)

Here is a news story from Champaign IL.  It is accompanied by a video capturing much of the incident fom the shore. 




Some in the fire service are rightfully be asking "Yeah, but what are the facts?"

While we wait for the "facts" of the incident response, we must remember that the unfortunate reality is that perception often trumps reality.

The perception in Champaign IL is that the fire department didn't do enough to save this man's life as scores of onlookers and emergency personnel watched him die.

As we look at the policy of an ice rescue, it seems as if some time might be spent looking into a clear and engaging public relations policy which might better manage this horrific tragedy.

So as we wait for the "facts" to emerge, one fact is clear:

A man is dead and the public is blaming the first responders.

That's a tough genie to stuff back into it's bottle.


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