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Packing heat with our halligan and a Glock by our gloves?

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The debate whether or not to arm firefighters and EMS continues. This week, Georgia legislators are looking to authorize firefighters, statewide, to carry their own firepower while out on calls.

Fire Daily’s 360 Burn Around The Fire Webs

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Police dashcam captures rescue of man from his burning car; suspected drunk driver pulls out in front of a Chicago engine and injures 10 including 4 firefighters; a NH firefighter is headed to the Super Bowl; and some Super Bowl snacking ideas for the firehouse.

Fire Daily’s 360 Burn Size Up of the Fire Webs 2/8/2011

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MA Mayor challenges firefighters’ 1st Amendment rights; angry man hits firefighters clearing snow from hydrants; another robotic firefighter- all in this week’s 360 burn. Where’s my damn jet pack?

Camden’s Sugar Daddy?

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Unencumbered by economic woes and apparently flush with manpower and resources, the leaders Philly taxpayers have elected to control their purses are preparing to step up to the plate and dole out their hard-earned cash to the red-headed stepchild across the Delaware.

Tweet Tweet… A Little Birdie Just Told Me Your Engine Company Was Out Of Service

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The citizenry in FDNY’s East Village are being notified when their local apparatus is unavailable to respond to their potential emergencies.

Love vs. Hate: Another firefighter steps up for compassion

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Each week, each hour, each day as the rhetoric and the vitriol continues to escalate it seems to become ever more acceptable to volley the words of hatred- to the point where what used to be “ex-treme” is becoming “main-stream.”

360 Burn Size Up of the Fire Webs 9/9/10

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The quickest dresser (and biggest smile) in Georgia; “What if” becomes “what when”; and Firefighter Netcast rolls out programming from FRI 2010- all on Fire Daily’s 360 Burn Size Up of the Fire Webs!

360 Burn Size Up of the Fire Webs for 8/20/2010

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After 23 pink slips, a mayor scampers to a beach vacation; brown stuff bubbles into public view in Philly; “Gubbamint Discounts”; and another Hilton Header makes good– all on this weeks 360 Burn!

360 Degree Burn Size Up of the Fire Webs- 7/12/2010

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DeKalb County GA fire captain reinstated after Dunwoody fire, NY firefighter gets steam burns from pumper valve, and another reason why to avoid meditation- all on this week’s 360 Burn!

360 Burn Size Up of the Fire Webs

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The Voice of Reason, The Weekly Weasel, and one of the best side jobs for firefighters- all on this week’s 360 Burn Size-Up of the Fire Webs!

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