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Keep Calm and Keep Your Fingers Crossed

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Who is responsible for responding to the media in DC? Anyone? Watch the spin from their leaders as this story continues to develop, but then dies on the vine as the DC Fire EMS officials hope it will.

“JUST SEE” VIDEO: What’s wrong with this car fire video?

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Do your firefighters know the basics of fighting a “routine” car fire?

Timely Monday Morning Training

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“One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six who jumped in the rear, we need massive EMS here.”

Wingnut of the Week: Homeowner Says Firefighter’s Gear Set Off Explosion That Severely Burned Them

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Howabout we leave the flap settings, ILS intercepts, and all that other cockpitting crap to you, and let us do the firefighting and the associated investigation into an incident that nearly killed four of us.

Fully Engulfed Meteor: You Make the Call

Does your department have an SOG for this? If none exists, then you are in luck. If you are a firefighter looking for a bugle, or a bugle looking for a band, here’s golden opportunity to prove you are a self-starter, a problem solver, a go-getter.

Fire Daily’s Back Page- Are We On The Same Page?

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Many departments have “talked” about MAYDAY’s, maybe even practiced one on that burn down in September, remember? MAYDAY’s are like aircraft crashes- very rare but we’d better be ready to act decisively when they occur. This is when you need to be at your peak performance. It’s Showtime.

360 Burn Size-up of the Fire Web- 1/21/2010

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Three horrific apparatus accidents, maydays go unanswered, and a great website to stay on top of VA Task Force 2 in Haiti- all in today’s 360 Burn.

In The Blink of an Eye

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Another quarter of an inch shift in location, my neurologist explained, and my skull fracture would almost certainly have resulted in me becoming a quadriplegic. So I fully appreciate the “luck” that befell me on that warm spring day in May. But still…..

The Ghosts of Fires Past

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Again, more tangible proof that the Worcester 6 (and others like them) have not died in vain…

360 Burn Size-up of the Fire Web 12/12/09

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Finally, bugles and bagpipes for the New Haven 20 – Fire destroys a building that stood since before the war (The Revolutionary War) – Ladder bailout video show the value of training – all on today’s 360 Burn.

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