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This firefighter/paramedic’s heroes

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Thank you- enjoy your special week, and know we will continue to honor you all year long! You are our heroes.

One lump or two? Moline drops the axe on 12 firefighter/paramedics.

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Refusing to consider what Ronald Reagan called “revenue enhancements”, the people of Moline have spoken. Bub-bye to 4-5 firefighter/paramedics PER SHIFT.

Free Beer!*

Entry Img and are hosting The Meetup in Dallas, where some of the most influential EMS (and fire) bloggers from across the universe will break bread (‘tizers) and share some sodies (beverages).

360 Burn Size Up of the Fire Webs for 8/20/2010

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After 23 pink slips, a mayor scampers to a beach vacation; brown stuff bubbles into public view in Philly; “Gubbamint Discounts”; and another Hilton Header makes good– all on this weeks 360 Burn!

Medic 999: Let That Be a Lesson To Us

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It doesn’t take millions of people or millions of dollars to make significant changes in the lives of our fellow human beings. Mark showed us that all it takes is heart and resolve. We salute you Mark for showing us both, my friend.

All you need to know this weekend

Justin Shorr, Mark Glencourse,  Thaddeus Setla, and Chronicles of EMS

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John Mitchell

Firefighter/Paramedic and a Lieutenant in suburban Chicago

Toledo prayers