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WARNING: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.

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PA Firefighters are told that a man went back into his burning home to rescue his dog. Watch as the incident unfolds…

This firefighter/paramedic’s heroes

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Thank you- enjoy your special week, and know we will continue to honor you all year long! You are our heroes.

So These Two Chevy’s Meet on the Street…

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It wasn’t too long ago that crumple zones never existed and an air bag was just another derogatory term used to describe a (insert noun here).

A Special Note to the Bloggers at the New

As I check out all the new features on, I compare it to going into each room of the new station; touching everything as ideas on how to customize begin to float around in my head.

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John Mitchell

Firefighter/Paramedic and a Lieutenant in suburban Chicago

Toledo prayers