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Firefighter Nicknames- NEVER try to give one to yourself…

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What this poor guy didn’t realize was one of the “Commandments of Firehouse Nicknames”. Thou shalt never nickname thyself. Truly great nicknames can only be anointed upon you by your peers. Only they can supply a label with a perfect fit and convey a true sense of who you are (in their eyes- which is all that matters).

Listen to the Firefighter Netcast’s Stand Down for Behavioral Health- Part 1

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Now more than ever before, we have an incredible amount of new resources with which to assist us as we begin to change our attitudes toward the way we address these behavioral health issues which have always been there, but we were always afraid to confront.

The Brotherhood of Two FNG’s – Part Four- Taking Care of Our Brothers

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Ken will be unable to work for at least a year. But in this, the greatest country in the world, Ken can also receive a higher level of healthcare treatment IF he can pony up certain percentages out of pocket. In other words, if he has more money, he can get better treatment. God Bless America!

The Brotherhood of Two FNG’s – Part Three- Escape. Wait, no. Maybe Not

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When you last left us, the two hapless FNG’s had amazingly escaped a potential situation in which something got broken. Remember, if something gets broken, we’d have to endure the Wrath of the Lieutenant- that unimaginably obscene and cataclysmic display of sound and spit-spray.

The Brotherhood of Two FNG’s – Part Two- The Wrath of the Lieutenant

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The Wrath of the Lieutenant was cataclysmic. Each of the five human senses were so violated by the event that the End of Times would be pleasurable by comparison.

Whoa! What Did THESE Council Members Say?

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This is “as cool as the other side of the pillow.”

Love vs. Hate: Another firefighter steps up for compassion

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Each week, each hour, each day as the rhetoric and the vitriol continues to escalate it seems to become ever more acceptable to volley the words of hatred- to the point where what used to be “ex-treme” is becoming “main-stream.”

Just Say No

Did Nancy learn it was easier said than done?

75 Years of Service

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“Nobody wants to do the same thing for 75 years. You don’t see marriages that go 75 years.

THE PLACE TO BE- Friday night at FDIC.

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Friday night at FDIC in Indy- Join with hundreds of thousands (or so) of your brothers and sisters at the famous Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery just blocks away from the Convention Center at 10 West Washington. Buy me a drink. You’ll need it.

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