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’59 Chevy vs ’09 Chevy: They don’t make ‘em like they used to!

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So I see this commercial pitting the old Chevy against the new one and my mind begins to wonder about how much has changed in how we perform extrication. (cue dream-sequence music).

“JUST SEE” VIDEO: What’s wrong with this car fire video?

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Do your firefighters know the basics of fighting a “routine” car fire?

WARNING: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.

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PA Firefighters are told that a man went back into his burning home to rescue his dog. Watch as the incident unfolds…

Illinois firefighters stand idle while man drowns (Video)

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As we look at the policy of an ice rescue, it seems as if some time might be spent looking into a clear and engaging public relations policy which might better manage this horrific tragedy.

Video: Worst Fire Department in the United States?

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Check out this incredible video and play along with me.

“Warning: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.”

“Warning: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.” That’s the disclaimer shown at the beginning of this video just posted in YouTube by NewsWorking out of Pennsylvania. On NewsWorking’s website, an accompanying article tells of firefighters arriving to a woman telling them her husband went back into their […]

Timely Monday Morning Training

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“One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six who jumped in the rear, we need massive EMS here.”

NIOSH summary report on CFD firefighter/paramedic Christopher Wheatley’s LODD prompts an interesting question

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Is it important to follow each fireground order to the letter, or should we have the latitude to act upon our instincts and experience to get the job done?

“Just See Video”- Chicago FD- Change is in the air

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To have a wife turn to you and look at you and say, “What the hell happened here? Where the hell was his hood? Who was in charge? How would you guys let this happen to him? Why him? What do I say to them?”

The Passionate Discussion Continues Tuesday Night

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The special series on the Emerging Tactical Renaissance continues with guest Christopher Brennan Tuesday night May 17 at 9pm/8CT. Firefighter Netcast- it’s not your Daddy’s fire service radio podcast!

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