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The Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation

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Help a dad spread the word about his hero son, one of 6 FDNY brothers who lost their lives nine years ago on “Black Sunday.”

We Should Be Hearing All About Mike Behette Today, Rather Than Knowing So Much About the Navy Yard Shooter.

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In my opinion, we give these criminals way too much coverage. They don’t deserve our attention. Instead, I propose we direct our attention to someone else who worked “The Pile” on September 11. Meet Mike Behette.

Bla Bla Bla. Parroting Sucks. Our Brothers Deserve Much Better.

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Is anyone else sick of reading all the repulsive crap regarding Never Forget? People calling attention to themselves with helmet stickers, t-shirts, tattoos, blogs, facebook posts, me, my, we, etc. It’s a revolting “tribute” to themselves- and most certainly not what the 343 deserve.

Fire Daily’s 360 Burn Around The Fire Webs

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Police dashcam captures rescue of man from his burning car; suspected drunk driver pulls out in front of a Chicago engine and injures 10 including 4 firefighters; a NH firefighter is headed to the Super Bowl; and some Super Bowl snacking ideas for the firehouse.

PA LODD- 19-yr old Brandon Little dies while responding in his POV

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Brandon Little, 19, of the United Hook and Ladder Fire Company Company 33 out of New Oxford, PA ejected in horrific crash into a house and tree after cresting hill at a high rate of speed.

NFFF/CFD Video—> Make this a MUST WATCH FOR ALL FIREFIGHTERS. Perfect training.

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“If you think you’ve got some good reason for not wearing this or for not doing things the right way , write it down. Because I need to read that to your widow. Because I’m not going to know what to say. You say it for me.”

UPDATED Video and Fireground Audio: 42-year old James Rice, a Peabody MA Firefighter Killed in the Line of Duty

Entry Img has just reported the death of a Peabody MA firefighter who was injured earlier today in a three alarm blaze at a multi-unit building. According to fire officials and hospital spokesperson, he has been identified as 42-year old James”Jim” Rice.

“I still remember the smells that night, the sounds that night. That will always be there.” — Retired Worcester District Fire Chief Michael O. McNamee

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With trapped crews inside and after others had gone in to save them, Chief McNamee ordered that no more firefighters go in. He was met with heated threats of physical violence by his firefighters on the scene, many demanding to allow them to go in to rescue their brothers

Six Kansas City MO brothers murdered on the job 23 years ago today. Videos re-live the nightmare.

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I could not believe the magnitude of what happened when I first saw the coverage of this incident back then. The videos show us how horrific it truly was.

Timely Monday Morning Training

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“One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six who jumped in the rear, we need massive EMS here.”

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Toledo prayers



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