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Firefighter Nicknames- NEVER try to give one to yourself…

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What this poor guy didn’t realize was one of the “Commandments of Firehouse Nicknames”. Thou shalt never nickname thyself. Truly great nicknames can only be anointed upon you by your peers. Only they can supply a label with a perfect fit and convey a true sense of who you are (in their eyes- which is all that matters).

Video: Worst Fireman Ever

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I work within a 12 block radius. So if you’re around where I live, then you’re in luck. Because I can put out your fire. AND, because I live out of my car, that 12-block radius is always moving.

“What’s a fire plug?” asked the 4-year veteran.

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Ever wonder why some call those dog-loving pieces of metal “fire plugs?” Now you can tell the four-year veterans…

Where the rubber met the road.

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This accident scene shows how, even when stretched to the breaking point, they still held up.

Fire Daily’s 360 Burn Around The Fire Webs

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Police dashcam captures rescue of man from his burning car; suspected drunk driver pulls out in front of a Chicago engine and injures 10 including 4 firefighters; a NH firefighter is headed to the Super Bowl; and some Super Bowl snacking ideas for the firehouse.

Does the 5-second rule apply to a transplant heart? Check out this video…

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The 5-second rule: practiced in fire stations all over the planet and even though many won’t admit it, firefighters and paramedics do it every day. Unless there is video proof…..

The Brotherhood of Two FNG’s – Part Four- Taking Care of Our Brothers

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Ken will be unable to work for at least a year. But in this, the greatest country in the world, Ken can also receive a higher level of healthcare treatment IF he can pony up certain percentages out of pocket. In other words, if he has more money, he can get better treatment. God Bless America!

The Brotherhood of Two FNG’s – Part Three- Escape. Wait, no. Maybe Not

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When you last left us, the two hapless FNG’s had amazingly escaped a potential situation in which something got broken. Remember, if something gets broken, we’d have to endure the Wrath of the Lieutenant- that unimaginably obscene and cataclysmic display of sound and spit-spray.

You might be a redneck firefighter if….

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…you only wash down the bay floor to “keep the dust down”…

He’ll come down. When’s the last time you saw a dead man in a tree?

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“His name is Joey, and we talked to him for a moment or two and he cooperated long enough that we were able to grab him, like his mother would do, by the back of the neck and bring him down the ladder,” Fire Captain Arturo Gonzales said.

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John Mitchell

Firefighter/Paramedic and a Lieutenant in suburban Chicago
Packing heat with our halligan and a Glock by our gloves?
I was a volunteer for almost twenty years. When our members were police officers, they could carry on duty, concealed. I remember one night when I was the operator (driver) and responding to a house fire, three of the four firefighters on the truck were PD. I was handed three sidearms to take care of!…
2014-01-27 22:54:00
Packing heat with our halligan and a Glock by our gloves?
"lockbox on the truck" Does he carry his weapon in a lock box while on duty as a Deputy? I'm thinkin' not. Am I willing to use deadly force, and then turn around and try to save their life after I shoot them? Ain't happening. "individuals with police/weapons training" - the training teaches shoot to…
2014-01-27 19:33:00
Ken Nelson
Packing heat with our halligan and a Glock by our gloves?
I believe individuals with police/weapons training should carry fire arms. In our station's situation, our assistant chief is also a sheriff's deputy. I have suggested that he have his firearm with him in a lockbox on the truck in case a need arises. In addition some personnel are current military (Reserve, National Guard) who could…
2014-01-27 18:20:00
Marianna Randazzo
We Should Be Hearing All About Mike Behette Today, Rather Than Knowing So Much About the Navy Yard Shooter.
Thank you for this wonderful tribute to my dear friend Mike. I am in the process of writing a biography/anthology of Michael's life. I would be very grateful for your input. Please contact me on FB, Marianna Randazzo or Given Away, A SIiclian Upbringing. Respectfully yours, Marianna
2013-12-07 02:51:00
Fire Daily
WARNING: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.
Yes, Becky, I saw that too. As I was told by an ER doc many moons ago, "a patient without an airway is a dead patient." Not all firefighters are EMT's, and some may not have basic first aid skills- instead relying on a concurrent response from an emergency EMS agency. Not sure in this…
2013-11-27 11:27:00

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