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WARNING: This video is graphic and depicts a man being rescued from his burning home.

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PA Firefighters are told that a man went back into his burning home to rescue his dog. Watch as the incident unfolds…

Timely Monday Morning Training

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“One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six who jumped in the rear, we need massive EMS here.”

NIOSH summary report on CFD firefighter/paramedic Christopher Wheatley’s LODD prompts an interesting question

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Is it important to follow each fireground order to the letter, or should we have the latitude to act upon our instincts and experience to get the job done?

The Passionate Discussion Continues Tuesday Night

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The special series on the Emerging Tactical Renaissance continues with guest Christopher Brennan Tuesday night May 17 at 9pm/8CT. Firefighter Netcast- it’s not your Daddy’s fire service radio podcast!

“Taking Up” debuts online Wednesday!

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Wednesday night, the Firefighter Netcast family grows once again as John and Rhett welcome the newest member of the Firefighter Netcast family, Lieutenant David LeBlanc, from East Harwich, MA.

Aggressive vs. Safe- Here’s to the end of Either/Or

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The truly successful, efficient, and valued public servant will be the intelligent, well-trained firefighter who neither goes completely aggressive nor ineffectively safe.

NIOSH report out on Homewood (IL) Fire Dept. that killed Brian Carey last March. Happy Groundhog Day- again.

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See if this sounds familiar…..

Just Say No

Did Nancy learn it was easier said than done?

Explore the poisons in what we commonly call “smoke”

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Please join Art and his guest, Shawn Longerich at 9pm ET Thursday, July 29 for a very special evening as we explore the poisons in what we commonly call “smoke”

Training Opportunity Video- Impress Upon Your Crews the Importance of Early Ladder Placement

Note what comes out of his lungs as he coughs at 3:50. What does he need right now? Does he have it? Why not?

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