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A Fire Chief Tells His Tragic Story- FF Netcast Stand Down for Behavioral Health- Part 3

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“Those who suffer from mental health challenges, no matter to what degree, are wonderful and courageous people. They are no more weak or responsible for their illnesses than someone who is diagnosed with a terminal physical illness. Their diseases are as real as tumors on an X-ray and need the same support and level of treatment.”

Listen to the Firefighter Netcast’s Stand Down for Behavioral Health- Part 1

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Now more than ever before, we have an incredible amount of new resources with which to assist us as we begin to change our attitudes toward the way we address these behavioral health issues which have always been there, but we were always afraid to confront.

NFFF Special Activities at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore next week!

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Will you be at Firehouse Expo 2011? Add this “must-attend event” to your activity calendar and support our fallen firefighters!

Watch CBS News Sunday Morning this weekend….

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A story on volunteers will include our friends Kelly Walesh and her daughter, Lexus, survivor family members we met at Memorial Weekend.

Chicago Fire: National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Remembrance Night

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Here is your chance to participate in one of our area’s biggest fund raisers for the NFFF.

Just Say No

Did Nancy learn it was easier said than done?

Thoughts and Prayers are Hollow Without Conviction

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As we watch yet more firefighter funerals this weekend, put some oomph into your typical “thoughts and prayers” mantra and make it personal.

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John Mitchell

Firefighter/Paramedic and a Lieutenant in suburban Chicago

Toledo prayers