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Oak Park (IL) Firefighters Retire Early to Facilitate the Return of Laid-Off Brothers

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“…It’s disheartening and hurtful to be portrayed as the economic destroyers of the community, the ones who work such a short career and live such a wonderfully long retirement at the expense of the people we served – portrayed as something bad, as if our work, lives, careers were some sort of scam we have perpetrated on the community. I guess on a line item in a budget or in a ledger, we are just another number.”

Today’s Web Scanner 11/3/09

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An Arkansas ambulance strikes and kills a man rescuing an injured dog; a Milwaukee firefighter accused of tainting his wife’s tea with an anti-depressant- his 3-year old also drinks it; after 45 years a Tuscaloosa B/C reluctantly hangs up the leather.